Pneumonia Protocol and PORT Score

Performance Improvement Committee Recommendations

1. Use the Pneumonia protocol.
2. Calculate the (Pneumonia Patient Outcomes Research Team - PORT) Score which is a part of the pneumonia protocol. Write it down in your admission H&P (for interns) and admission note (for residents). Base your clinical decisions regarding patient admission or transfer to the unit on the PORT score.

A PORT score calculator can be downloaded to your PDA (Palm and PocketPC) or used online. MDCalc offers another online version of the PORT calculator. Both are free.

Image source: Freeware Palm

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides the Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT) Calculator. It is based on a clinical algorithm produced in 1997 by the AHRQ-funded multidisciplinary research team called the Pneumonia Patient Outcomes Research Team ( PORT).

Freeware Palm
AHRQ PDA downloads
PDA downloads - AHRQ Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT score calculator)

Created: 01/2005
Updated: 04/27/2007

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